concentrates on technology related to boating, fishing and diving. Right not the main areas of research are satellite data processing and data buoys. Below are the most recent projects in development.  

CSD Solutions LLC, the company that owns this website, has been developing a low-cost data buoy to prototype a water visibility sensor. The project is currently on hold while the LED used in the device is modified to force more light on to the sensor.

Adriana Tech has been working on an underwater navigation device that works differently than anything else. It uses very precise sensors to track the distance and direction of travel so that it can estimate your location while under water. 

In these images you give you get idea of what the tech is all about.

Navimate GPS for Divers

Navimate is a product in development that claims to be able to estimate a diver's GPS location using radio signals from buoy. It's not for sale yet but on their website they claimed to be for sale starting in 2016. Not sure what the holdup is. Here is a diagram of how it works.  Navimate has a cool looking wrist mounted computer. This computer is supposed to be able to relay your location and air supply to your dive buddies and the boat.